3 reasons to write down your dreams

3 reasons to write down your dreams

Dreams don’t always make sense.  But here is a reason to write them down when you have a dream and remember it.

  1. They do help us sort out things though. When you have a dream, you can ask your self what does something mean to you or what do you think it represents.
  2. It’s a source of inspiration to use to express yourself through anything.. a painting, poem, a song, a photo etc..
  3.  You can see if there is a pattern of dreams or themes and understand yourself better.

I created this self portrait in honour of a dream I had.


It’s Chinese New Year, I’m on a roof top watching fireworks, the shingles look like Chinese Rooftops you’d see in an old palace mansion (Kinda like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon film) I’m with someone (who passed away, RIP) and the person is telling me a story.  The person tells me about sharks in the arctic.  I’m totally astonished because I thought they only lived in warm water, apparently they are in the arctic.  Then the person reaches above into the sky (as the fireworks are still going on) and we get teleported into the stars. We get to float around and be with the constellations. Everything is very vivid. The colours are bright in this dream and I’m floating around in space.

I don’t know what it could mean, in reality, but I created this photo to express the feeling of the dream when I was in the galaxy in my dream.

Credits: Music was recorded by Sound Engineer Kevin Komaranski

Photo taken with: Mark II Canon, 35mm Sigma 1.2 lens, & projector.

This song Goes with this picture. The song is a mixture of stories and part of my dream was intertwined into this song.