2011 Ottawa Fashion week, Painting and Singing Performance with Mailyne from Dream Love Grow

Recent Music Video collab with DJ Rise Ashen

My first super 8mm film music video, self directed.

Music Video in abandoned warehouses and estates.

Sizzle Reel I made for Chinatown Remix, Ottawa for 2013.

Processing time and music love


My family is hilarious, they stayed up late to make this for Christmas!
 photo 1christmas_2013_by_jacquelynholland-d6zfnbe_zpsc2031766.gif

So this year I do not have a resolution. I think that they are not always the way to go, because it’s kind of like yoyo dieting for goals. You don’t stick to it long, and you give up after awhile and most likely feel a little disappointed about yourself not achieving it. I’m not saying I don’t believe in goal setting and developing strong organizational skills (I do immensely and they have such a positive impact in my life).

How I’ve been able to set myself up for success in my personal and professional life is through learning processes in my daily life so that I can be more organized and efficient so I have more time to focus on what I love. This means scheduling creative time, health, and other things that are important to me. There are a few processes I like such as S.M.A.R.T goals and also writing out tasks with the guestimated time frame. It also means doing/scheduling less. One of my friends and I have this term “F.O.M.O”( fear of missing out), this can totally creep in sometimes when you are so excited about all the awesome things you want to do and could do.

Over the holidays, I had more time to think and process I found an ebook that I’m reading that is totally inspiring me is called “Focus” by Leo Babauta. It’s very good so far and has interesting strategies to unwind and detach from the many distractions of life such as cell phones, emails and other things. What I love so far is Leo talks about the creative process and communication and needing to create separate times for each. Like you need to have un-interrupted creative process time to actually get things done and also ensure you have time for communication, but you cannot do both at once.

Here are my top 4 songs that I love right now!

this song the intro is super long, I like it from 1:15 on the time, it has the guitar in it.

Top favourites I love this month:

  • Ice grippers so I can walk in this icy weather
  • Coffee…. (Almond milk lattes)
  • Snow shoeing
  • sending ugly face selfies to my friends early in the morning….
  • My new water colour journal!

Music video and song release

I’m going to tell you a story…
I wrote the song “I believe” when I was going through one of the hardest times in my life.  My Father passed away 3 years ago.  I wrote this song through my grieving process to tell my story of how when you love someone you have to let them go.  You must let go of your sadness one day, so you can shine and be happy again. When you hold on to any negativity, it blocks you from all the good that surrounds you.  This song is dedicated to anyone who has lost someone special to them and or is going through a hard time in their life.  I promise you life always gets better. If you can keep focusing on the positive and take baby steps.

The music video inspiration came from a dream. Many songs I write come from either dreams or concepts I really like.  I dreamt of a women who was dancing and transformed into an owl, and she kept dancing back and forth from owl to human with so much joy and freedom.  I feel very lucky that I could share this dream with Eric and Sarah (DJ Rise Ashen and the dancer in music video), and they really came through with the concept and helping me express my dream into the music video.

You can support me and DJ Rise Ashen through purchasing the songs on Itunes and sharing it with others. Thank you!!!!

Believe, I believe in you,
Dream, a little bit bigger,
These wings felt flight for the first time the first time.
Holding on to this sadness made me remind myself, that
holding on keeps my hands and heart closed inside from the love that touches me like sunshine
Believe, I believe in you dream a little bit bigger.

My everyday…. (7 of 7) (2 of 2) (1 of 2) (2 of 7) (1 of 7) (6 of 7) (5 of 7) (4 of 7) (3 of 7)


I’ve been taking pictures of every day things in my life such as myself, lemons, limes and figs.

I’m very inspired by natures colour combinations such as fruit, flowers, trees and much more.

For example:

Figs, I love how on the outside it’s a very dark purple/black, green, but inside the colour turns to white and rose pink orange.

Here are the tech specs of what my camera settings were when I took these photographs.

Self portraits:

Camera: Mark II, lens: 35mm 1.4 Sigma, ISO 3200, f/7, 1/200 sec

I used my natural home lighting for this since it was taken at night, I pumped up the ISO.  I could just use the available lighting.  I kept the f/ stop high so I could ensure I was mostly in focus.  I could have potentially shot at a lower ISO, and had a slower shutter, but this worked fine for what I was doing.

One huge difference shooting with my Mark II vs my 20D and or 40D, is that it can handle low lighting conditions amazing. Another difference is that the Mark II is a full frame, vs the 20D and 40D which were cropped sensors.

Fruit: Camera: Mark II, lens: 35mm 1.4 Sigma, ISO 640, f/1.4, 1/60 sec (note that for the lemon and limes the shutter speed ranged between 1/60-1/100)

The reason I kept it at such a low f/stop is I really like choosing a small sliver to be in focus.  I really like the white plate as a back ground. I find it keeps things bright and simple.

What’s next?

I recently purchased large canvas to work on some mix-media collages.  I’m so excited with all the possibilities of blank canvas, notebooks, anything I can put colour and ideas into!

~ May-Jun

China Doll photoshoot

So Chinatown in Ottawa is having an arts festival called Chinatown Remixed.  The grand opening is May 18th from 1:30 – 5:30pm.  Tonight I did a photoshoot for China Doll’s exhibit, here are just a handful of photos we did in collaboration with many wonderful models, we had China Doll style everyone just like her!  It was fun.

About Me!

“I create for the sake and joy of creating”

About me:
My name is May-Jun,
I was writing my first song when I was just 5 years old (it was about being a butterfly), my earliest memories are singing in fields running around for hours, or playing performance and singing for my stuff toys and or friends. As I grew up, I became obsessed with music and listened to all the decades of music, then also went on to discover obscure bands and artists from all over the world. I took opera and regular vocal lessons around the age of 8-10 years old. I love listening to music in other languages and genres. I continue to experiment with other artists and make music solo. I’ve performed for festivals such as Chinatown Remixed and Ottawa Fashion Week, my favourite performance venue was the National Art Gallery of Canada.
As I continue to grow as an artist, I will share my experiences here and my lifestyle.
I’m very lucky to have had mentors in the past to develop my art and music.

I’m vocally influenced by Nina Simone and Sam Cooke, what inspires me about them is that they can express emotion very eloquently through their voice with great technique and also the fact that as the listener, you can truly understand what they are expressing.
Visually I’m totally fascinated with Kimiko Yoshida
I adore to get visual photographic inspiration,
For Fashion, I love vintage and new mixed together,

Music Bookings,
Art purchases and Inquiries,
Please contact:

<3 ~ May-Jun

Musings from a Canadian in LA

by Natalie Baack

I have an addiction.  I can’t stop taking pictures of clouds over the LA skyline.  You see, most of the year LA skys are blue. Just blue. Too blue. Opressive. Claustrophobic. Seemingly fake, like the backdrop of a film set.

As a Canadian, who grew up with all sorts of weather, I find this exptremely disconcerting.  Most people, especially those who grew up in California, look at me like I’m crazy when I say this, but I really miss seasons.  TERRIBLY. True, not enough to move back just yet, but enough to feel the longing.

Changes in weather mark time, they make it move somewhat slower.  We can all think back to that year where there was that crazy snowstorm when everyone had to cross country ski to school or work, or the rainstorm that broke the tree branch on your favorite childhood tree (the one that you imagined building a treehouse in), or the changing leaves and how that one tree turned so red you thought it caught on fire.  And most likely you can remember the age you were when it happened.  But in LA, most of the days and months and years blend together.  I’ve lived here for nearly ten years and at least 5 of them feel like they were the same year.  Other than the crazy El Nino that dropped hail on us.  Or the time it snowed in Malibu (Canadians would call it frost).

But I still wake up the week before Chrismas and before I open I my eyes and look out the window, I think “Will there be snow?!!” So I latch onto the little things.  The little shifts. The moments that give the day dimention.  The breezy clouds that flit across the sky in whisps, moving quickly, the dark and stormies that threaten to drop rain on frightened LA drivers, or the fluffy ones that look like cotton candy, or even…gasp… SNOW!!

And If it happens to be a particularly cold winter in LA (I mean, when it drops to 45 at night! Brrr!), we get the most amazing precipitous clouds that hover of the mountains and hug the buildings of downtown LA.  And as LA is known for its amazing sunsets, the beauty increases ten-fold when these sunsets hit the shifting cumulous cloud formations.  September is also a particularly good month – fire season.

So to remember these moments, to mark the time, I take out my iphone and snap away non-stop because as the clouds shifts and the sun sets, I gasp and think THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THIS!  Doesn’t anyone else see this?!! Hurry people! Look up or you’ll miss it!

But alas, they never quite capture the moment just so. Even with instagram filters, the depth, the shifting light, the glinting colors, they are just a little bit muted.  But I’ll keep taking them. Because this way I can mark the time.  I can remember that I took this one on Christmas Day, and that one after a fight with my boyfriend, or the day that I moved, or the day my nephew was born. And then maybe, just maybe, time will slow down a little because I stopped to take it in and take a picture.  

The Greatest Gift of All

Written by Sharon Nochasak-McLean

Depending on where you are in your life, one thing I know for sure is that we are continuously striving to get it just right.  With the Holiday season in full swing, there is a mass movement of friends, family; colleagues getting the perfect gift for our children, significant others, mothers, brothers and grandparents.   The list goes on with tasks, duties, checklists of holly and jolly fa la la la’s.

This time of the year can be stressful with trying to squeeze all the important things into our calendars, with dinner dates, holiday parties and sleigh time with the kids.  My question for you is; what are you doing for yourself this time of year?  This may be the giving season but the first person you need to give to – is yourself.   Think about it.  You need sufficient time to eat, sleep and relax to ensure you can be there for everyone else.   My gift to you is the permission to take that extra 15 minutes to take that nap, read that magazine, take that shower or go to that yoga class.  What do you need for your heart and soul this holiday?  The chances are others may need this too.

While you’re shopping for that special someone (that image of Will Farrell pops into my mind of him in that classic Christmas movie, Elf buying that special someone gift for his father) sorry it’s one of my top three favourite holiday films of all time.   Remember, spending time together to take in the small things in life, like sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace, may be the best gift of all.   Slow things down to breathe in the crisp December air and smile for all the great things you have in your life today.  This can be as simple as grateful for having a job, having time off from your job, a significant other, a mother, a brother or your health, a comforting home or friends you can lean on.  This is a time to be truly grateful for what we have and give the gift of love, comfort and joy.  Focus on what really gives us joy in our hearts and provide that to yourself and others this holiday season.  I wish you and yours a holiday season filled with love, comfort, joy and those serendipitous moments of happiness where all things come together in way’s we couldn’t plan for but end up being better than we expected.

With love and gratitude,

Sharon Nochasak-McLean

I also want to take this time to send love, light and deepest sympathy to the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut during this holiday season.