Meditation through abstract painting

Meditation through abstract painting

I believe in the right brain, left brain philosophy that specific attributes are used by a dominant section of the brain. Left is considered more logical, analysis driven and factual while the right is more creative, intuitive and feelings based.

What is meditation through abstract painting?

My personal creative process in painting is a meditative process that moves from the left-brain, analysis driven aspects of myself to the right brain, creative, feelings based side. The way I do this is through pure focus on colour blending and the feeling it gives me in that moment. I get lost in the colours by mixing and layering them with the over arching goal to create a vivid, saturated, beautiful colour combinations that moves me to my core.

Can anyone do this?


Yes absolutely.  Like anything there are different ways of approaching meditative painting. It’s based on ones experience with colour combining, painting and meditation.  Here are some exercises and things you can do to get started.

  • Go to an art gallery.  Look at different types of paintings and ask yourself how does it make you feel?  You will learn what you like and don’t like based on this.  You can also try different types of art (scenery to abstract) to see what you are most attracted to.
  • Learn about colour combination in painting. Pay attention to what colours you like together and the feeling it gives you.
  • When you thoughts are cluttered, what gets you into the present moment? A  cup of tea? Breathing? Bring that into your painting meditation process.
  • Create a space that’s ready for you to create and work on a daily or regular practice.
  • Take away any and all criticism.  This will deflate your process and your ability to do it. There is no wrong way to meditate or paint. It’s all a personal preference.