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I’ve been taking pictures of every day things in my life such as myself, lemons, limes and figs.

I’m very inspired by natures colour combinations such as fruit, flowers, trees and much more.

For example:

Figs, I love how on the outside it’s a very dark purple/black, green, but inside the colour turns to white and rose pink orange.

Here are the tech specs of what my camera settings were when I took these photographs.

Self portraits:

Camera: Mark II, lens: 35mm 1.4 Sigma, ISO 3200, f/7, 1/200 sec

I used my natural home lighting for this since it was taken at night, I pumped up the ISO.  I could just use the available lighting.  I kept the f/ stop high so I could ensure I was mostly in focus.  I could have potentially shot at a lower ISO, and had a slower shutter, but this worked fine for what I was doing.

One huge difference shooting with my Mark II vs my 20D and or 40D, is that it can handle low lighting conditions amazing. Another difference is that the Mark II is a full frame, vs the 20D and 40D which were cropped sensors.

Fruit: Camera: Mark II, lens: 35mm 1.4 Sigma, ISO 640, f/1.4, 1/60 sec (note that for the lemon and limes the shutter speed ranged between 1/60-1/100)

The reason I kept it at such a low f/stop is I really like choosing a small sliver to be in focus.  I really like the white plate as a back ground. I find it keeps things bright and simple.

What’s next?

I recently purchased large canvas to work on some mix-media collages.  I’m so excited with all the possibilities of blank canvas, notebooks, anything I can put colour and ideas into!

~ May-Jun