What you seek is seeking you – Rumi

What you seek is seeking you – Rumi



My friend and I were looking for inspirational music to cover, she found this.  Very beautiful song.  It’s delicate and inspiring.

Kimiko Yoshida is one of my favourite self-portrait photographers, she is able to convey high-quality abstract concepts into master pieces visually.

She inspires me because she uses her self as the main centrepiece and focus to her artwork but yet she disappears into her work visually. This series she has a comma on her face, the space in between words; that give us a breath while we read. This has significance to me because when I look at music, the most talented artists I find give space to the song, they don’t need to take up every part of the song with singing and it creates a greater impact.


My question to you is, what inspires you? What art and music do you like? Please share with me.

PHOT-Yoshida-500-H-12 quartz~0 rubino


Love and good melodies