Processing time and music love

My family is hilarious, they stayed up late to make this for Christmas!
 photo 1christmas_2013_by_jacquelynholland-d6zfnbe_zpsc2031766.gif

So this year I do not have a resolution. I think that they are not always the way to go, because it’s kind of like yoyo dieting for goals. You don’t stick to it long, and you give up after awhile and most likely feel a little disappointed about yourself not achieving it. I’m not saying I don’t believe in goal setting and developing strong organizational skills (I do immensely and they have such a positive impact in my life).

How I’ve been able to set myself up for success in my personal and professional life is through learning processes in my daily life so that I can be more organized and efficient so I have more time to focus on what I love. This means scheduling creative time, health, and other things that are important to me. There are a few processes I like such as S.M.A.R.T goals and also writing out tasks with the guestimated time frame. It also means doing/scheduling less. One of my friends and I have this term “F.O.M.O”( fear of missing out), this can totally creep in sometimes when you are so excited about all the awesome things you want to do and could do.

Over the holidays, I had more time to think and process I found an ebook that I’m reading that is totally inspiring me is called “Focus” by Leo Babauta. It’s very good so far and has interesting strategies to unwind and detach from the many distractions of life such as cell phones, emails and other things. What I love so far is Leo talks about the creative process and communication and needing to create separate times for each. Like you need to have un-interrupted creative process time to actually get things done and also ensure you have time for communication, but you cannot do both at once.

Here are my top 4 songs that I love right now!

this song the intro is super long, I like it from 1:15 on the time, it has the guitar in it.

Top favourites I love this month:

  • Ice grippers so I can walk in this icy weather
  • Coffee…. (Almond milk lattes)
  • Snow shoeing
  • sending ugly face selfies to my friends early in the morning….
  • My new water colour journal!