Inspirational Mondays

Inspirational Mondays

Rumi is one of my favourite poets of all times.

So I’m working on having a regular meditation practice. Have you had those days when all of a sudden you hear people on the streets talking about it, you see a poster for it, you hear a radio show about it, you see it in a tv show and all of a sudden what ever you are thinking about is everywhere? It’s been like that for me about meditation for the past few days. I was taught to meditate since I was around 3 years old, and I took it for granted that it is an important aspect and ritual of my life that helps calm and ground myself. I’m the type of person that gets so excited about life; I can easily be on the go all day and night. As I’m learning the fine art of balance (a life long endeavour), I keep coming back to my meditation and the need to do it regularly. I’ve tried everything from Kundalini breath work, om meditation, guided visualization, Buddhist mediations, breathing and emptying your thoughts, and I still haven’t committed to one that works best for me regularly.

I’d love to hear what kind of relaxation, meditation etc.. you do, please share!

Lately I’ve been excited about:
• stevia, coco powder, mint hot chocolate;
• juicing experiments with ginger, apple, celery etc..;
• Two words: Whole Foods;
• Kombucha filled with chia;
• My best friend having twins (I’m a twin and it’s my first time being around twins);
• Making art;
• Experimenting with colours and vibrancy (I really love fuchsia, turquoise and gradients of colours melding together).

Here is my playlist to relax by the fire with some of your chocolate mint hot coco.